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According to the Harvard Business Review, "the main goal of Corporate Social Responsibility is to align a company's social and environmental activities with its business purpose and values". I have had the pleasure of doing just that in my CSR role for the past 7+ years.

When company's give back, the community benefits, the company is received in a positive light, and perhaps most importantly, employees become engaged, inspired and in touch with the company's mission.

The following media collection highlights some of the amazing work done in the Philips Cares CSR program which I am so proud to have been a part of. Enjoy!

*V Kasturi, Lisa Chase, Sonel Karim, "The Truth About CSR" Harvard Business Review, January-February 2015,

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CSR at its Best: Videos
CSR at its Best: Testimonials

Andrea Tremblay is a human Swiss Army knife - she knows exactly what is needed when. She brings her positive energy and commitment to every program. She understands excellent ,high quality work and puts detail and care into all size events and programs. Her innate understanding of CSR work is unmatched she is inclusive and respectful of all people.

Her joy is contagious. 

Everyone comes away feeling motivated, driven, aligned to the mission and proud.

Her creativity knows no limits and is always followed up by razor sharp execution. She is truly a success story.

Peg Campbell, CSR Lead Philips North America

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